MYP 1 Language A: English

Course Outline

Using MLA Format - Template

Unit 1 Title:

The Reading Bug

Area of Interaction Focus:

Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Communication Skills

Learner Profile Attribute:


Unit Question:

How can we motivate ourselves and others to read and how can we share our reading experiences?

Summative Assessment Task:

Book Talk

The Presentation 1st draft deadline is Friday 18th October

The final presentation in front of the PYP grade 5 students will be Friday 25th October

The students gave their book talks to the grade 5 students on Friday October 25th and did a good job of encouraging the students to read their favourite books!

Book talk 001.jpgBook talk 003.jpgBook talk 006.jpg

Book talk 004.jpgBook talk 007.jpgBook talk 008.jpg

Formative Assessment Task 1:

Reading Journal

Students are expected to read in English regularly. They choose what they want to read and each week, they are expected to complete a reading journal entry responding to what they have read that week.

To see what the expectations are for a reading journal entry:

To find out how the Journal entry will be marked:

Formative Assessment Task 2: Writing a blurb

Here are some of the student's blurbs:

Cloe. Mr.Stink. The common thing they have about them is
Cloe is lonely because her family doesnt care about her, and
Mr.Stink is lonely because he absolutely has no relative or friends.
What will they do to
their loneliness?
Mr.Stink also became friends with Cloes parents and her sister.
BUT one day the citizens wanted Mr.Stink to be the new
What will he do?

By Hyoung Min

!Now, its ADVENTURE time!
littles are little tiny human
They usually live in small hall in house.
But after new family move to littles house, EVERYTHING
is changed.
There house become jungle!
Cat, Mice! Some colorful thing starting to Appear.
How much can one small tiny family take?
???????????Then what should we do guys???????????

By Jun Soo

Formative Assessment Task 3: Writing a Review

Take a look at the reviews written by the MYP 1 students:

To wrap up this unit, you have to complete 3 assignments:

  • Book talk

Presentation Date – 25th October 2013
  • A Blurb on the book you did your presentation on

Due date - Wednesday 6th November
50-100 words
This should be typed and sent to Mrs. Craig
You should consider the layout of your blurb; text size, font etc.
  • A Review on the book that you did your presentation on

Due date Friday 8th November
250-400 words
This should be typed and sent to Mrs. Craig
Please make sure that you refer to rubrics and guidelines for each task. The handout that you have in your notebook, outlining the differences between reading journal entries, blurbs and reviews should also be helpful.

End of Unit Reflection

When we have completed the unit, the students will be asked to write a refection using the following questions as a guide:

Here are the students' end of unit reflections:

Unit 2 Title:

Expressing Opinions

Area of Interaction Focus:

Health & Social Education

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Communication Skills & Thinking skills

Learner Profile Attribute:

Communicator & Thinker

Unit Question:

How can I get my point across effectively?

Summative Assessment Task 1:

Essay on a subject of the student's choice

Summative Assessment Task 2:

Timed essay test

Formative Assessment Task 1:

Writing 3 paragraphs about a classmate

The MYP 1 students have been learning how to structure a paragraph, using topic and concluding sentences and supporting their points with evidence and examples. First of all, they listed the qualities of their classmates and discussed how they demonstrate different learner profile attributes. Then each student wrote about one of their classmates. Take a look at their work:

Their work is displayed on the bulletin board in the classroom.

classmate Bulletin board.jpg

Formative Assessment Task 2:

Paragraph writing test

Formative Assessment Task 3:

Guided essay

Formative Assessment Task 4:

Group Discussion

Unit 3: Test Taking Skills

In preparation for the ISA tests, students will review essay structure and practise timed essays. They will also practice reading skills and test taking skills for the reading paper.

Unit 4 Title:

Looking Back

Area of Interaction Focus:

Health & Social Education

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Communication Skills & Thinking skills

Learner Profile Attribute:

Communicator & Reflective

Unit Question:

What do we see when we look back?
What makes me so interesting?
How can I make my writing more engaging?

Summative Assessment Task1:

Create an autobiography of the student's own life

Summative Assessment Task 2:

Piece of timed writing about a recent holiday or event

Formative Assessment Tasks:

Introduction to my life

My First day of school

Text analyses

In these pictures, the students are creating visual representations of synonyms. From left to right:
Hyoung Min, Jaqueline, Amelia, Saerim, Junsoo

MYP 1.jpgMYP 1 2.jpg

Unit 5 Title:


Area of Interaction Focus:

Human Ingenuity

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Research & Communication Skills

Learner Profile Attribute:

Inquirer & knowledgeable

Unit Question:

What meanings did myths about gods, goddesses and heroes have for the ancient Greeks?
What meanings do the Greek myths have for us today?

Summative Assessment Task:

Writing an 'original' myth to explain something

Formative Assessment Tasks:

Analysing myths

Presentation of a Greek god or goddess