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Unit 1 Title:

Travel Writing

Area of Interaction Focus:


Approaches to Learning Focus:

Communication Skills

Learner Profile Attribute:


Unit Question:

How can I make my travel experiences sound amazing?

Summative Assessment Task 1: Test - Text analysis

Summative Assessment Task 2:

A piece of original travel writing

You can take a look at the students' work here:

Formative Assessment Task 1:

A piece of humorous Writing

Formative Assessment Task 2: Tourist Powerpoint

Here are some of the powerpoints that the students created:

Formative Assessment Task 3: Writing about trip to Warsaw

For this task, the students are being assessed using the same rubric as for the final assessment. However, they were asked to write between 150-500 words for this formative assessment. The students' work is displayed in the WIS wing, but you can also take a look here:

Warsaw writing.jpg

Unit 2 Title:

Learning about the Holocaust

Area of Interaction Focus:

Health & Social Education

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Communication Skills, Self-management Skills & Research Skills

Learner Profile Attribute:

Communicator, Principled & Reflective

Unit Questions:

How does reading different views help us to understand what different groups of people around the world have experienced?

How are people shaped by the world events that occur during their lives?

How can learning about the lives of others (through literature) affect how we live our own lives?

For this unit, we will be learning about the Holocaust through a variety of ways including art, photos, poems, documentaries, movies and survivors stories. Each student will read a text on the subject independently. They will be expected to write 4 reading journal entries on their text and create a poster presentation at the end of the unit. For a summary of the assessments tasks for the unit, please look at the following document:

Summative Assessment Task: Poster Display & Presentation

Formative Assessment Task 1: Reading Journal

Holocaust memorial day Display 1.jpgHolocaust memorial day Display 2.jpgHolocaust memorial day Display 3.jpg

The students gave their presentations at the January assembly, in order to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and share their learning.

From left to right: Alex, Hania, Jimin, Oliver, Seoungwoo, Jessica and Shivangi

Holocaust memorial day Alex.jpgHolocaust memorial day Hania.jpgHolocaust memorial day Ji Min.jpg

Holocaust memorial day Oliver.jpgHolocaust memorial day Seoung Woo.jpgHolocaust memorial day Shiv and Jess.jpg

Useful Resources

Watch this video that gives a clear chronology of events and has real footage and photos:

Take a look at this exhibition that examines why individuals acted as they did:

Here is the website showing Samuel Bak's paintings:

Unit 3: Test Taking Skills

In preparation for the ISA tests, students will review essay structure and practise timed essays. They will also practice reading skills and test taking skills for the reading paper.

Unit 4 Title:


Area of Interaction Focus:

Human Ingenuity

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Thinking Skills

Learner Profile Attribute:

knowledgeable & Thinker

Unit Questions:

How doe poets use language, style & form to create specific effects to engage readers and to influence them?

Summative Assessment Task 1: Commentary on a poem studied in the unit

Summative Assessment Task 2: Test - analysing unseen poems

During this unit, students will be studying a number of contemporary poems by poets such as Carol Anne Duffy and Simon Armitage, as well as poems from WWI.

Unit 5 Title:


Area of Interaction Focus:

Health & Social Education

Approaches to Learning Focus:

Research & Self-management Skills

Learner Profile Attribute:

Open-minded & Principled

Unit Questions:

What's my perspective

Summative Assessment Task:

Research essay on a topic of the student's choice

Formative Assessment Task 1:

Reading Journal

Formative Assessment Task 2:

A letter to...

Formative Assessment Task 3:

Reading comprehension and text analysis

Formative Assessment Task 4:

Guided Essay plan

Useful Resources: