Course Outline

unit 1

Genres of Literature

Area of Interaction

Health & Social Education

Guiding Questions

What literature is out there for me?
How do writers conform to and manipulate genres?

Summative Assessment

An essay that compares and contrasts short stories within a certain genre and discusses how the writers have conformed to or manipulated the genre.

Student Work

Unit 2

Dramatizing History (The Crucible)

Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity

Guiding Questions

In what ways do historical events lend themselves (or not) to dramatization?
How does Arthur Miller Use history to create a play that continues to speak to audiences today?
What was it about the time period that made such hysteria and ultimate tragedy possible?

Summative Assessment

Choice of essay (See attached file for a more detailed description of the unit and assessment tasks)

Independant Reading Project

Leading up to Literacy week at the end of January, each student will be expected to read a novel in English independently and create a book project and presentation. For more details, please check out the following document.

Take a look at the website that the students created!!

Current Unit

The power of the Media

Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity/Health and Social Education

Guiding Questions

How does the media work in shaping our opinions?

Summative Assessment

1. Independent novel study, reading log and socratic seminars

2. Creating student's own advertisement (The exact nature of the task will be decided later after discussion with students on how they would like to demonstrate their learning.