Course Outline


The Short Story

Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity

Guiding Questions

What makes a good short story?

Summative Assessment

There are 2 summative assessments for this unit.

Task 1 will be a personal response to a short story.

For task 2, students will write their own original short story.

Student work

Here is one student's work - a rather chilling tale with a twist ending!

Formative Assessments

After analysing how writers create tension, students will write one or two paragraphs about an incident that is frightening or has a great deal of tension, for example, a hunter stalking its prey or being followed late at night.

Independant Reading Project

Leading up to Literacy week at the end of January, each student will be expected to read a novel in English independently and create a book project and presentation. For more details, please check out the following document.

Literacy Week is now underway and the projects that the students have been working on are displayed in the Theatre Room at Zielinskiego campus while the book fair is running. The students produced some great work and in case you didn't have chance to come and see them in person, here are some photos!


Unit 2

Science Fiction

Area of Interaction


Guiding Questions

How does our environment affect us

Summative Assessment


Formative Assessments

Journal writing
Class Discussions
Paragraph writing
Diary Entries

Essay on the Community in the novel
To prepare students for the end of unit essay, we have been looking at the structure of an essay, and the construction of a good paragraph; topic sentence, detail and examples, explanation. The students are now in the process of writing a guided essay on the advantages and disadvantages of living in the community described in The Giver.

Current Unit

Romeo & Juliet

Area of Interaction

Approaches to Learning

Guiding Questions

How can the same text be interpreted in different ways?

How can we work together to create a drama that entertains a WIS audience?

Summative Assessment

A pair or small group interpretaion of a scene from Rome and Juliet.
This will include the creation of a promptbook about the scene they are working on and a presentation.

Formative Assessments

A whle group interpretaion and presentation of a scene from romeo and Juliet.

By going through the process as a whole group, modelling and practising collaboration and teamwork skills, and modelling the creation of a promptbook, student should be ready to work effectively in small groups for the summative assessment taks.

Both the whole class scene and the small group scenes will be presented to a WIS audience at the end of the unit. The grade 8 & 9 students have also created a choreographed fight scen that will be incorporated into the grade 7 performance. I will let parents know when the performance will take place.