WIS Middle School
Student Supply List

Please ensure all items are clearly labeled with your child’s name and the subject.

General Supplies

1x Homework diary

1x Pencil case

4x blue pens

2x red pens

4x pencils

1x Eraser

1x Set of Highlighters

1x pack Coloured pencils (12 colours) (Faber Castell)

1x pack Coloured markers

1x Scissors

1x 30cm Ruler

1x Large Glue stick

1x USB pen drive (minimum 1GB)

100x plastic sleeves

1x Pair of indoor shoes (tops of feet must be covered for safety during science experiments)

1x sports water bottle

1x A4 binder for portfolio

Language Arts

1x A4 notebook (ruled lines NOT squares or grids)

2x A5 notebooks (ruled lines NOT squares or grids)

2x Hard A4 folder

(Returning students may use previous year’s notebooks)

World Studies

1x A4 notebook (ruled lines NOT squares or grids)

1x Hard A4 folder

1x Binder to hold plastic sleeves

(Returning students may use previous year’s notebooks)


1x A4 notebook (grid paper)

1x Scientific calculator

1x 180o Protractor (semi-circle shape)

1x Compass

1x A4 Hard folder to hold homework sheets

1x Notepad

1x ruler & set square

(Returning students may use previous year’s notebooks)


2x A4 hardback notebook (ruled lines NOT squares or grids)

1x A5 hardback notebook (continuing students may reuse reading journals)

1x Binder or folder to hold work (Learning portfolio for Science and Math)

(Returning students may use previous year’s notebooks)

French or Polish

1x A4 notebook (ruled lines NOT squares or grids)

1x Folder to hold handouts

Dictionary (Optional – for home use)

(Returning students may use previous year’s notebooks)


1x Music notebook (with staves)

1 x A4 Notebook (ruled NOT squares or grids)

1 x A4 Hard folder . (Returning students may use previous year’s notebooks)

Design & Technology

A4 notebook, lined or graph paper

A4 folder

Email account

  • Please know that your student will be creating their own projects for Design Technology, including planning which materials to use and how much of them. They may need to purchase small items for this, according to what they have individually planned.

Physical Education

1x pair of white-soled sneakers

(you may have black or other coloured soles IF you can demonstrate they do not put marks on the gym floor – please see attached sheet for examples of acceptable shoes)

1x plain shirt

*Please make sure this is a t-shirt and not a tank top, as it can get cold in the gym

1x pair shorts/sport pants

**Please note that the shirt and shorts/sport pants should be taken home and washed after every 2 PE lessons

1x pair of cotton socks

1x bag to hold PE clothes

1x clear display book (30 pages)


*This should be used before and after every lesson

Examples of Acceptable Physical Education Shoes/Sneakers

external image placeholder?w=200&h=168 external image placeholder?w=200&h=148

external image placeholder?w=200&h=132 external image placeholder?w=200&h=150

Examples of shoes NOT ACCEPTABLE for Physical Education

Flimsy Shoes Sandals of Any Kind

external image placeholder?w=200&h=156 external image placeholder?w=204&h=204

Boots of Any Kind Flimsy Shoes

external image placeholder?w=200&h=180 external image placeholder?w=200&h=184

MYP Visual Art Supply List

For your convenience, we have found a store that carries all of the items on the MYP and PYP Visual Arts supply lists, and is very close to the Rynek tram stop. TEL-PEN also has significantly lower prices on some items that are required for the MYP and they have agreed to give a further discount to all WIS students. We will have more specifics on that to come as the new year approaches. Some of the staff there also speak English.

“TEL-PEN” is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00.

They are located at ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 29a, alongside/behind the Muzeum Miejskie Wrocławia.

Phone: 372 39 42 Website: www.telpen.wroclaw.pl

external image placeholder?w=456&h=381

1 Gamma Gamma watercolor block, acid-free, white, 300 g/m2, 24 x 32cm (all the pages are glued on the sides, this will be important)

2 Daler-Rowney Simply Watercolor set of 12 colors (recommended as best value)

3 A3 folder to hold artwork

4 Factis softer white eraser

5 Koh-I-Noor kneaded eraser

6 A4 hardcover sketchbook, sewn binding, Daler-Rowney, acid-free paper. {A Winsor-Newton sketchbook would also be good, this one is recommended for value and price. Please be sure not to buy a wire-bound sketchbook because with use over several years, the wire-bindings catch inside backpacks, come loose and are sharp.}

7 scissors

8 2 glue sticks

9 small bottle white PVA glue, 100ml

10 watercolor palette

11 set of 12 Mondeluz Drawing/Sketching/Coloring Water-soluble Aquarelle colored pencils

12 set of 12 Drawing/Sketching/Illustrating 1500 Koh-I-Noor pencils, Art 8B-2H

13 3/0 Kozłowski 309 Kolinsky (round, small) *